Use Your Head (Correctly) When Texting

Use Your Head (Correctly) When Texting

Next time you check your phone, or shoot off a text to your ‘bff’ (who’s hopefully not sitting next to you!), STOP, and think about where your head is at …….I mean literally!! Is your head poking forward like a turtle hiccuping? Or is your chin poking into your collar bones??

Did you know, a new study published in ‘The Atlantic’ suggests that looking down at a mobile phone is the equivalent of placing a 60 pound (approx 27kg) weight on one’s neck. OMG!!!!! That’s like having your 8 year old child constantly sitting on your head!! Or go down to Bunnings and grab a bag of rapid set concrete and a couple of 4L tins of paint and plonk them on your head!

So PLEASE….make life easier on your neck (and on your Osteopath!), by keeping these tips in mind:

* NO epic SMS marathons or browsing sessions – keep changing your head and upper body position to avoid the ‘pressure build up’.

* I know it’s a massive buzz word at present, but be more MINDFUL of your head position, especially when reaching for your phone.

* Perhaps try and remember this mantra…”Bring your phone up to your head, DON’T bring your head down to your phone”.

If you feel you may fall into this category and have been experiencing pain or discomfort, especially in the neck or upper back, please let us know at Parkdale Osteo! as we’d love to help you out.