Dreaming of your next escape?

Dreaming of your next escape?

We may be stuck in our 5km radius but we can dream about leaving it right?

With less face to face appointments and more time for other endeavours Chris has been busy!

What’s he been up to you ask?

Chris has teamed up with a talented team to help travellers become active nomads and enjoy their next camping trip! Cool huh?

Who knows when we’ll be able to cross state borders let alone cross oceans for our next get away, so exploring our home state is bound to become more popular. Getting away to refresh and explore is fantastic and it’s exciting listening to patients’ holiday experiences, but sometimes those recounts can be dampened by niggles or even injuries…

Often people find it difficult to manage/prevent aches and pains day to day but it can seem even more challenging when on the road. But alas – Chris is here to save the day (trip).

At best we want to PREVENT injuries rather than “fix” them. So, like any new activity it’s important to prepare your body for the work you’re about to demand from it. For example, reaching for overhead cabinets, hitching the van up, filling up a bas bottle and of course enjoying the outdoors. There is always something you can do to promote smooooooth functioning and help prevent injury.

Check out this video for some examples and to experience Chris’ acting skills

For more information regarding tips and tricks for becoming an active nomad read the full article. Click the pictures.

Points to remember

  • Exercise doesn’t need to be complicated
  • Basic equipment is easily storable, user friendly and extremely versatile
  • Self management doesn’t need to go out the door when you do
  • Lastly, if you do experience an injury find an Osteo near you via