VU Osteo Student Internship at POC

VU Osteo Student Internship at POC


VU Osteo Student Internship at Parkdale Osteopathic Clinic


Who:                      Marion Hillebrand is a final year Osteopathy student at VU (Victoria University) who has also held the position of receptionist (casual) here at POC for the past year.

What:                     To enhance a student’s practical capabilities and hands on experience, established clinics with experienced practitioners can offer an ‘internship’ where a student can conduct a thorough history, assessment and treatment for private paying patients (at a significantly discounted rate). In this instance, Marion can treat you independently and will be supported by a qualified and experienced osteopath.

When:                    Marion will commence her internship on 7 February and will start off by working Monday and Tuesday mornings.

How much:            Return patient = up to 45 mins @ $50, New patient = up to 60 mins @ $80

There are no Private Health insurance rebates for intern appointments therefore a significantly reduced fee has been applied.

Where:                  Parkdale Osteopathic Clinic. Shift times have been carefully selected so that director Chris Reeves or another experienced osteopath will be on hand to provide mentoring and support for Marion.

Why:                      This is a great opportunity and can only be seen as a big WIN for all parties involved. It provides the perfect launching pad for Marion as she embarks on a promising career as an osteopath, and a very familiar environment for her to work from as well. As experienced practitioners, this provides an opportunity to sharpen our mentoring skills and share our knowledge in a supportive clinical setting. And finally, for our valued patients it provides another treatment avenue at an affordable rate (whilst still being supervised by a qualified osteopath).

For more information, including specific T&C’s, please click on the link or call the clinic on 03 9580 1820