Dry Needling, what does it do?

Dry Needling, what does it do?

I often get asked, “what’s the difference between dry needling and acupuncture?”

My explanation is simple, the intention is different…

Dry needling is a technique that targets tender points or tight bands within soft tissue with the end goal of reducing pain and stiffness. Through the use of sterile stainless steel needles we can create a tissue effect that promotes healing and reduction in local sensitivity to improve overall function of that tissue.

Acupuncture is not based on scientific knowledge but is a form of Chinese medicine that aims to help clients by manipulating energy (known as chi) that moves in pathways called meridians. There are 12 major meridians in the body and each one relates to a different internal organ.

I will commonly use dry needling when patients have multiple areas of concern meaning we can treat more areas at once; when regular hands on treatment has not produced the desired outcome; for certain complaints such as tendon pathologies (tennis elbow, achilles tendinitis, patellar tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis). Other presentations I use this technique for include rotator cuff injuries, postural tension, headaches and temporomandibular issues (jaw pain) and lower back pain.

Still not sure if dry needling is right for you? Feel to get in touch with me to discuss.


Dr Tayla Rhodes (Osteopath)