Car Set Up Advice

Car Set Up Advice

Feeling a bit tense across the shoulders when gripping the steering wheel?, or aware of that nagging low back pain when stopped at a set of lights?, perhaps you need to adjust your seating arrangement in the car.

One format to consider is this‰ – Next time you hop in the car, position your backside to the very rear of the seat, and then place your right foot on the brake pedal. If your seat is too close, you may feel like your knee is bent up higher than your hip possibly creating some compression through the hip joint, and if the seat is too far back you may feel like your leg is overextending which may create a strain effect on the lower back. Ideally you want to find a happy medium between these 2 points.

Next, position your hands on the steering wheel. Ideally, your upper back and shoulders should still be in contact with the seat and the back of your head should be very close to the headrest. If this is not the case, you may need to straighten the vertical seat position.

Once your seat position has been optimally adjusted, look at your rear view mirror, and make the necessary adjustments. NOW the important bit‰ – ..DON‰’T RE-ADJUST THE REAR VIEW MIRROR!! The rear view mirror has now become your postural reference point. So should you happen to drive at a later time and adopt a poor postural position, when you look up at the rear view mirror it will appear to be in the wrong position‰ – ‰ – WRONG!, it‰’s your body that‰’s in the wrong position.

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