Routine Osteo Treatment and Remedial Massage are back!

Routine Osteo Treatment and Remedial Massage are back!

Routine Osteo and Remedial Massage are back!

  • Remedial massage returns and Osteopathic treatment returns to routine care this Friday 22 October! As of Sunday 24 October, ALL of our practitioners and staff will be fully vaccinated.


  • As an Allied Healthcare facility, we’re striving to uphold the best level of health care to our valued patients in a CovidSafe setting. Be loud and proud and let us know if you’re vaccinated!


  • Online bookings have now been enabled or call (03) 95801820 to book an appointment.

Please take note of the following:



Unless you hold an exemption, a mask must be worn while attending the clinic. We ask that you not attend if you have any cough, cold or flu symptoms including runny nose, sore throat and fever.

We will continue to maintain the highest level of infection control and cleaning procedures both in the clinic and between every patient

On completion of booking an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email that will prompt you to complete a COVID pre-screening questionnaire. Please submit at your earliest convenience.

*For your own reasons if you are not vaccinated and need to seek treatment, we will have a series of protocols in place to enable treatment to go ahead. (T&C stated below).

Terms & Conditions for an unvaccinated patient

*Appointment times for an unvaccinated patient will be scheduled at a time so as not to coincide with others attending the clinic. This is primarily in place to mitigate risk to all; admin staff, practitioners and patients, especially those who are more vulnerable.

*Requirement to wear an mask for the duration of your time in the clinic.

*Rapid Antigen Test (R.A.T.) – this is not something we will be able to do right now, but something we’ll be looking at for the future, however, once Allied Health practitioners are authorised to administer a R.A.T., you will be required to attend the clinic 20 minutes prior to your appointment time. You will complete a R.A.T. at your expense (approx. $25) and ensure that you provide a negative result before treatment can commence.