Skeletons in closet for boys glued to screens

Skeletons in closet for boys glued to screens

Teenage boys
cooped up in their bedrooms playing computer games have weaker bones than those
who enjoy the outdoors, researchers have warned.

Boys who
spend more time on the computer, game console or in front of the TV have lower
bone mineral density than girls or boys who enjoy the outdoors.It means that in later life they face an
increased risk of fractures and osteoporosis.

grow continuously from birth to the end of the teenage years reaching maximum
strength and size in early adulthood.

Along with
nutritional factors, physical activity can greatly impact on this process.

But the
Norwegian study backed up growing concerns that sedentary lifestyles in
teenagers impact bone health and obesity rates.

The study
explored the hypothesis that greater computer use at weekends is associated
with lower bone density and examined 463 girls and 484 boys aged 15 to 18

As well as
high screen time being adversely associated with bone density, in boys screen
time was also positively related to higher body mass index (BMI).

Herald Sun, 6 April 2014.

So what does this mean?

Well, enjoy your computer games by all means, but ensure you take regular breaks, get up and move around and give your postural muscles a breather. If you require further advice regarding appropriate exercises and/or a strengthening regime to improve bone density, make an appointment with one of our osteopaths, who will tailor a program specifically for you. Clinic number is 9580 1820, or book online at