4 steps to preventing osteoporosis

4 steps to preventing osteoporosis

“I think some people develop a phobia to movement, for fear that they may suffer a fall and incur a serious injury, e.g. fractured hip. We need to encourage the opposite, and with the guidance of an osteopath who has a special interest in body function and mobility, they can encourage appropriate movement patterns plus strength and balancing exercises,” explains osteopath Chris Reeves.

Here are a few ways that you can help prevent osteoporosis.

Do weight-bearing exercises to build good muscle

Why not try a new group activity to help keep your muscles strong? Tai chi, yoga, dancing and even brisk walking with your Probus club are all really helpful. But if you do have thin bones, because you‰’re more at risk of suffering from fractures, be careful about trying any exercise where you might have a serious fall. It‰’s a good idea to also check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

Get enough exposure in the sun

It‰’s important that you get enough vitamin D in your system to absorb the calcium. A recommended 20 to 30 minutes exposure to the sun is all that‰’s needed.

Maintain an adequate amount of calcium and protein in your diet

It‰’s estimated that in 2016, more than 155,000 fractures in Australia will be due due to poor bone health. To keep those bones strong and healthy, it‰’s important that your diet includes a good amount of calcium and protein. 

Prepare your home so you don‰’t have an accident and fall

The home is where many falls take place for seniors, so it‰’s important that you put the right measures in place to ensure that you‰’re safe. This includes things such as ensuring your stairs are in good condition and rugs are fixed to the floor and chairs are high enough for you to sit down in and get up from.